Ellen DeGeneres Comes Clean About Her Pre-Oscar Butterflies


For Ellen’s post-Oscar special on her daily talk show, she shared with her audience and viewers the video diary she kept Sunday evening, which detailed the events that took place during her task as hostess for the ceremony.

After the montage, a teary DeGeneres told her cheering audience, “I’m crying for many reasons. I’m tired, so I’m emotional … [but hosting the Oscars] represented so many things to me. It represented that people believed in me, they took a chance in me to hold something like that together, that people would want to see me.”

For the life of me, I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be to host an event like the Oscars. I got cold sweats just thinking about having to blog about it. Even though I’ve heard she’s been getting mixed reviews, I’m totally Team Ellen. The truth is that the Oscars are just so plain dull that it’s a tough job to try and liven it up. Although, can we all agree that Kathy Griffin would be capable of making the joint downright ROWDY?