Ellen DeGeneres’ Plays House

October 19th, 2005 // 28 Comments

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have purchased this new LA mansion. I’m sure the fact that it’s the location where Britney Spears shot her last video in had nothing to do with the purchase.

(Images Courtesy of Splash News)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. netty

    I cant beleive they would buy something like this. It looks like the white house and it doesnt seem their style.

  2. Tajue

    I thought they bought Brad and Jens old place. Did they buy both?

  3. Matt Pinfield

    i don’t even remember what britney’s last video was. *tear*

  4. erica

    yeah i would have thought they would have bought some fun modern sleek house.. then again alot of these folks end up going the extravagent brass candlestick route…

  5. Exactly what Netty said.

  6. looloo

    I agree with Netty. Ellen wears tennis shoes on her talkshow, but she buys the White House to live in?? WTF

  7. Gossip Guru

    The house is amazing, and those muff divers better WORK!!!

  8. veggie girl

    I understand that if you have the money, you would want a nice place to live, and of course they need the privacy of the gate and all, but really, this is just ridiculous. More people should follow Paul Newman’s example!

  9. hanky

    she may wear tennis shoes everyday, but she and portia have one hell of a house! u go ellen!

  10. karen

    this one seems all Mandy….

  11. Silasdog

    It’s Ellen Degenerate

  12. Pip

    I know Ellen likes buying houses, but somehow I don’t think this is quite Ellen. Have to agree with Karen at No. 10, thinks this is more Mandy!

  13. Kristen

    For crying out loud, if they like it and if that’s what they need, then I wish the best for them and I hope they’re happy. I’ve seen bigger houses for only one person, this is nothing compared to other celebs. I think it’s kickass! Congrats Ellen and Portia!!

  14. John in Denver

    That’s hideous and offensive. But I guess you have to put your money somewhere.

  15. angelux

    none of my bee wax.

  16. Tess

    And to think she used to live in a flat with fleas…….

  17. Silasdog

    Hold it! Imagine being naked with Ellen the Degenerate.

  18. Sam

    I think it’s great that they bought the house. I’m happy for them. I don’t think it’s polite for you Silasdog to call her degenerate.

  19. Silasdog, shut up already……you should be use to being ignored in your life.

  20. KADO

    Ellen has said many times how she likes to buy homes, remodel,then sell them….There is ALOT of remodeling to do on this house….but it could be AWESOME if you have the funds to do it, and they do!! Good Luck and Congrats to them!!

  21. hc

    I’d love to be naked with Ellen!! Yummy!!

  22. Mia

    Is this even true or just gossip.??.. From looking at the other pictures of her former houses. This just doesnt seem like her, but maybe Portia really liked it!? What a huge house for two people! Well its nice for parties! Hopefully im invited!

  23. paris

    Very nice i love it .
    Congratulations Ellen !

  24. Silasdog

    Oh Geneveive, I am so sorry that I expressed my opinion, and that my opinion was different than your opinion, and that content of my opinion upset your otherwise tolerant and civilized persona so much that you uncharacteristically lashed out at me in a manner that hardly befits your gracious charm and impecable composure. However, I would respectfully request that we amicably agree to disagree on this one, because, you see, I regard Ellen as a total zero, an over-hyped, third-rate talent that’s been pumped up to prominence by the gay & lesbian factions in show-biz. I personally don’t think she excels at anything except being a poster-girl for lesbians in the entertainment field. I apologize if this makes you uncomfortable. But unless Ellen is sending you a paycheck, I don’t think my opinion (or anyone else’s) requires your expression of enmity.

  25. If you’re this mad at each other over comments about a bunch of wood and other building materials stuck together as a house, you realllllly need to do some looking -within.-
    lmfao. :D
    Other people have purchased aaaand built houses like that and bigger. You should see the decadence where I live in southern Louisiana, in and around New Orleans, Lafayette, Baton Rouge… it’s something to look at. Even dentist assistants have homes like this. No one yells at them?
    Maybe it’s the southern influence? Remodeling? Yes? :)

    But hell, she makes me laugh, so I’m not angry at her. For. A house…..

  26. darcel

    Just was looking for a more recent photo os the ranch that Ellen has spoke about.

  27. blue

    the is nice but why white? I know white her thing and black and other colors.But a home that like like the white house we did she buy this home.I see her in people 2006 magzine and she had a ncie home she now.Has a farm.From blue april 2006…

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