Ellen Barkin Looking to Get More Dough from Ex-Hubby

Man, breaking up is hard to do. But for the amount of money that Ellen Barkin has received from her ex-husband, Ron Perelman, it doesn’t seem half bad. Here I am, dreaming about the day when I get to claim a dependent on my taxes, when I should be fantasizing about a multi-million dollar divorce. That’s where true happiness can be found! Love is for poor people! And now, Ellen is looking to get even more money from Ron, filing suit with the Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday of this week, looking for $3.4 million to add to the $40 million she’s already pocketed. Barkin alleges that her ex was supposed to give the sum to her production company, when Perelman and Barkin’s brother, George became partners. One source tells Page Six that Ellen’s doesn’t need the money and simply “wanted attention” and that the partnership was set up because George didn’t have a job. For her part, Ellen’s rep told Page Six:

“This lawsuit has nothing to do with Ellen’s acting career or her divorce from Ron. It’s strictly a business matter. At the moment, she couldn’t be happier. She just came off of one of the biggest movies of the summer.”

I like the official declaration that “she couldn’t be happier.” You almost get the feeling that Ellen read it and probably told her rep, “Why didn’t they use an exclamation point? Weren’t you enthusiastic enough? It should have sounded like this–I couldn’t be happier! See? There is is! Exclamation point! I’m friggin’ euphoric!”


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