Ellen Supports ‘Bully,’ Rallies For PG13 Rating

The world can be a very dark and twisted place. So it’s refreshing to see a celebrity use their fame for something that gives back to the world, instead of pollutes it.

Ellen spoke out yesterday about her support of the documentary, Bully, which follows five incredibly brave families through their journey with bullying and it’s impact on the world. The film has recently garnered an R rating from the MPAA, for its use of explicit language, even though bullying affects over 13 million teens every year.

To fight back, Ellen brought Michigan teen, Katy Butler, who started a petition against the film’s controversial rating onto her show and rallied support for the film to be moved to PG-13, so that high schoolers and even those younger who may be getting bullied can see the film.

Make sure to check out Bully’s trailer and Ellen’s push for the change after the break. It takes vulnerability to step out on a topic like this. Let’s support, Socialites!