Ellen Page Can’t Sit Through A Violent Movie

Super’s Ellen Page can handle dishing out the violence, but certainly can’t sit still and watch it.  Showbiz Spy reports that the actress gets very squeamish when it comes to watching horror movies and the gore that often accompanies them.  Page said, “I am a total dork when it comes to that kind of stuff. It’s not my thing. But I had a blast doing this role. When you’re up there doing it you don’t think about it the same way. It’s not an issue.”

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Page also revealed that she was a very lucid dreamer as a kid.  Sometimes the Juno star would find herself in the hall outside her hotel rooms.  Page, en route to promote the superhero flick on Letterman yesterday, explained, “It feels real to me and it is incredibly vivid. Luckily, it is happening less as I get older, because when I was a kid it was scary. It created a lot of existential dilemma, because you start having these questions, like, ‘Is this person really perceiving me?”

Super, co-starring Rainn Wilson and Liv Tyler, opens today.