Ellen Meets Ellen! Ellen DeGeneres Gets Funky With ‘SNL’ Star Kate McKinnon

Ellen And Portia
The couple at the 2009 People's Choice Awards.
Are you guys ready for your daily dose of awesome? Because here it is!

For those of you who watch Saturday Night Live, I’m sure you remember the amazing impression of Ellen DeGeneres that comedienne Kate McKinnon did on the show. Seriously, it’s amazing. Sure it’s exaggerated, but what good impression isn’t?

Now if you thought that just seeing Kate doing an impression of Ellen was amazing, how about watching Kate do an impression of Ellen, for Ellen, with Ellen? Did I just blow your mind a little there? Kate was a guest on the show today and you know some Ellening was bound to happen! Check it out above and check out the first half–with Kate trying not to cry–after the jump! 

I can’t decide if I like part 2 of Kate’s visit–the one above–or part 1 of the visit more. Part  2 is awesome for the whole seeing Ellen dancing with Ellen thing, but part 1 is seriously touching. Watch it below and try not to be as excited for Kate as she is to meet Ellen.

Also, I love that Ellen actually invited her on the show. Anyone else could have been offended by the impression, but Ellen took it and ran with it. Love it! Check out both videos and tell us how much you love it all in the comments!