Ellen DeGeneres Shows Off Hilarious Signs [VIDEO]

Sexy Lady
Ellen Degeneres shows how sexy she is.
President 2016
Celebs who should run for president.
Lyrical Greetings
Ellen sends her writer to serenade people.
One of the most entertaining people to watch on television is Ellen DeGeneres. She always has exciting giveaways and fun games. Both celebrities and her staff enjoy going out and about and breaking the social norm by doing various things.

Remember when David Beckham went to the masseuse? That was by far the most amusing prank of them all.

A time or two before she has shown viewers and audience members funny and real signs. Some of these are so ridiculous that they really shouldn’t be real, but they are.

“Please don’t flash the octopus” has got to be the greatest sign of them all. They obviously mean don’t use your cameras, but their wording is brilliant.

Check out the signs and then let us know what your favorites are in the comments below!