Ellen DeGeneres Sends Portia de Rossi And Jerry O’Connell Through Her Haunted Hallway [VIDEOS]

Ellen sends a viewer into the Haunted Hallway.
Afraid Of The Dark?
Ellen sends her staff to a haunted house!
Dancing Queen
Ellen dances for the paparazzi.
For most of us, Halloween is a holiday which surfaces once a year. On Ellen, it’s stretches over the course of an entire month. Even if you’re not a fan of the festivities, it’s difficult to keep a straight face while watching the comedian frighten numerous people. As her wife, Portia de Rossi said, they know what’s coming, so how is it possible for them to get scared?

Her victim, Jerry O’Connell, knew what was coming and is evidently still frightened by the Haunted Hallway. I’d personally love to be a victim of hers. A good scare is fun around this season. People jumping out at me would probably elicit quite a few screams. I’d be O’Connelll in this situation for sure.

What happened when Portia was the victim? Check out her reaction after the jump!

For someone who was stone-faced the entire time, she appeared pretty frightened at one point. Many people got into haunted houses (or hallways) feeling confident in themselves. You know what’s coming, you mentally prepared yourself, so how could you possibly get scared? As you can tell from the two videos featured above, it’s possible!

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