Ellen DeGeneres Predicts Natalie Portman Is Having A Girl

January 20th, 2011 // 1 Comment

While Natalie Portman appeared on Ellen DeGeneres‘ show yesterday to talk about babies, pregnancy cravings and love, the host also decided to predict that the actress was going to have a baby girl.

Portman was asked to show her hands, whether her feet had been colder since she discovered she was expecting a baby, and then sat back as Ellen held a string over her baby bump.


“That’s a girl – all three of those tests show a girl. You’re having a girl and her name is Ellen!” said the talk show host, who then gave Portman two tiny ballet outfits – one for a boy and one for a girl…

They also talked about her cravings, with Portman admitting, “I love pickles. I liked them before, though. Dill pickles. Anything with vinegar like ketchup, that’s a vinegar food. I love that,” she said.

Shortly after, DeGeneres brought out a massive platter of pickles, assuring Portman: “If that’s not enough we have more.”

As far as her fiance Benjamin Millepied, she said that the two fell in love over time during the course of the film. So we’ll see if that’s true love or what…

By Justin Thompson

  1. Ben

    A friend of Natalie said:

    “Ben is a self-promoter who’s loving the spotlight. Her friends are worried she is in over her head.

    I don’t think he ever thought twice about leaving his girlfriend — which isn’t a very good sign of character. He seems like a social climber who was all over Natalie the moment they met.

    They’re calling him the ballet version of K-Fed! Unfortunately, he is the father of her baby, and her pals think she wouldn’t be getting married if she wasn’t pregnant, and that it’s all going too fast.

    They’re nervous that Natalie will wake up one day and wonder what happened.”

    You can’t confront a friend about her relationship. Guess they are gonna have to wait it out!

    Read more: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2011/01/18/natalie-portman-working-ben-millepied-romantic/#ixzz2910ruLrl

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