Ellen DeGeneres Lets Her Inner Sofia Vergara Out For Halloween, Wardrobe Malfunction & All! [VIDEO]

Ellen DeGeneres dressing up as Sofia Vergara for Halloween is just one of the many reasons she is the current queen of daytime television. The funny woman always has something exciting going on for Halloween, and this year was no exception!

You all remember Sofia’s Emmy Awards wardrobe malfunction, right? Well if you don’t, Ellen is here to remind you! Ellen dressed up in a replica of the dress complete with giant boobs and a huge tear with a fake ass showing. We’re assuming it’s a fake ass, unless Ellen’s suddenly blew up.

Sofia even made a surprise appearance! The Modern Family star tried not to act too thrilled with Ellen’s costume choice, but you know she’s just loving it. Also, I took French in high school, so if anyone wants to give us English translations of all the Spanish Sofia speaks that’d be awesome. Check out the video and tell us what you think of Ellen’s Sofia look in the comments!