Elle MacPherson Bikini Photos (Enough Said)

Yes, its true- the stunning and incredibly hot supermodel, Elle MacPherson, is indeed 47-years-old. The woman has a better body (including sexy curves) than most who are half her age! This supermodel whose nickname was “The Body” during her modeling career may indeed look flawless for all eternity.

Elle is pictured above enjoying a beautiful day sailing with her family on her father’s yaht near Sydney Harbour.

PHOTOS: Elle MacPherson is a sexy, yellow bodysuit!

The hottest looking woman nearing 50 (successfully defying gravity and childbearing) gave some beauty tips in an interview last week. Listen up ladies, this gal obviously knows what she is talking about- view her tips after the jump!

First, she admits that she survives with a fake tan and drinking at least three liters of water each day to maintain her health. She also continues on advising about sunscreen and exercise.


“I wish someone had told me to start using sunscrean when I was yournger because I grew upp in the ’70s… and at that time I used to coat my body with baby oil.”


“It’s always important for me to do some physical exercise during the day but not exercise to get thin but just because I like to have the endorphin release, so whether it be surfing, or whether it be skiing or hiking even.”

To recap, she advised sunscreen, sunless tanning, lots of water, and exercise. It’s pretty much the standard anti-aging spiel but she is true proof and motivation that it actually works!