Elle Fanning Poses For Blackbook Magazine

Little Elle Fanning’s star is shooting oh so high in the sky right now, and the thirteen-year-old Super 8 star gets her glam on in the latest issue of Blackbook Magazine.  Listing Paris as one of her favorite cities (though she’s never been), Fanning was every inch the teen star the public expects her to be.  However, Blackbook commented that she was poised and professional during her interview.

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Fanning shared with the magazine a piece of wisdom director Francis Ford Coppola gave her,  “He told me, “You always have to love it. You can never just act because someone else wants you to. You always have to feel it in your heart,” which, well, I thought that was great. And it’s so true!”

Will she ever go head-to-head against older sister Dakota for a role?  Hopefully not.  “We haven’t gotten really competitive with movies yet. I don’t think we ever will,” Fanning told the mag.

How gorgeous does Fanning look in the shots?