Uma Thurman Trying on Elle Macpherson’s Hand-Me-Downs?


Here we see the bronzed and glowing Elle Macpherson shopping and lunching at the Ivy. She looks fabulous per usual and is out and about in Los Angeles, but is expected to be heading to Sydney, Australia next week for a month-long fashion festival entitled, “The 30 Days of Fashion,” where the Australian native is sure to be warmly received. In addition, it seems that Uma Thurman might be a fan of Elle’s–or at least in her taste in men. And it doesn’t sound like Elle’s very pleased to hear that her friend, Uma, might be hooking up with her ex, Arpad “Arki” Busson.

“Elle was absolutely livid when she found out,” an insider tells WD. “One of her big rules in life is that she would never date a girlfriend’s ex, and she expects her own friends to follow suit.”

The only problem with that reasoning is that there are only so many millionaire bachelors out there. I mean, when you’re a six foot tall gorgeous woman, that’s pretty much the only demographic you’re going to want to mess with. Because you can.

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