Elizabeth Taylor Went Looking For Sharks

Off the coast of Hawaii, Elizabeth Taylor went on a two-hour excursion aboard a viewing boat for the purpose of spotting sharks, which is less dangerous than I initially thought it sounded. From The Post Chronicle:

Taylor was dressed in a long kaftan-style nightdress, blue slipper socks and minimal makeup. She was, however, dripping with jewels and sporting her signature scarlet nail varnish. The actress was wheeled from her limo to the 32ft chartered yacht where she was winched up out her wheelchair and helped onto the deck by two aides. Taylor looked happy as she chatted to friends and sipped bottled water as she watched other guests on the £52 trip don snorkels and masks to go shark spotting in the ocean.

I’m thinking this might be a great way for Elizabeth to segue into a career as a host of E!’s “Wild On” series.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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