Elizabeth Taylor Overdosed

April 14th, 2008 // 5 Comments

Elizabeth Taylor overdosed on prescription meds and booze on April 6. Partay! The 76-year-old actress woke her assistant to rush her to the hospital when she began vomiting and couldn’t breathe.

Elizabeth was treated and released at Cedars-Sinai.

“Liz was panicking. She really thought she was going to die,” a friend said.

Lizzie has been visiting the gay bars recently, so she might have gotten some bad shit and went into a K-hole. She’s in a wheelchair, so that could have been dangerous. She could have run over a pet or an assistant. Never do club drugs if you can’t handle that mess.

By J. Harvey

  1. Nolene Bird

    Visiting gay bars? I assumed she was at home with a full diaper every night!

  2. JaneSays

    76 and still “doing the do”? DAMN, Liz may look fragile but she’s clearly a hardcore beast when it comes to partying. Ha ha, take THAT, Lohan!!

  3. David McGrath

    Liz is a goddess. She has stood by people and causes when it wasn’t fashionable. She not only visited “The Abbey” (a popular West Hollywood bar)….she was gracious, well received, and as usual, WONDERFUL. Show some respect as this woman leads the pack in terms of real.

  4. Jo

    WOW !!!! She’s a real Trooper !!!!, That’s why We all Love Her !!!!!!!

  5. Jo

    WOW !!!! She’s a real Trooper !!!!, That’s why We all Love Her !!!!!!!

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