Elizabeth Taylor Wants You to Sparkle

November 12th, 2007 // 10 Comments

I love spunky old broads and wacky Elizabeth Taylor is no exception. First off, girlfriend was so totally the shit back in the day with her lavender eyes and torpedo boobs, mixing it up on-screen with old-school hotties like Marlon Brando and Paul Newman, getting married as many times as I’ve changed long-distance carriers. Plus, in her older age, she’s busted ass to raise money for charity, and these days a wheelchair couldn’t keep her from diving with sharks. That’s right, you read that last part correctly. Girlfriend is still alive and kicking. And now, she’s promoting her latest venture, the House of Taylor jewelry line she’s now selling for her fans who don’t just want to smell like they’re wearing White Diamonds, but be all sparkly as well, like Elizabeth here. Kathy Ireland, who took a break from designing lamps, also came out for the event, promoting her jewelry line as well and Kathy Hilton showed up in what almost looks like a Martha Stewart costume and has been generally annoying me with her existence pretty much ever since Paris was sentenced to spend time behind bars. I hope she gets some really bad plastic surgery real soon, so I can make fun of it. They always do.

Photos: Getty Images

More photos (Christina Milian, Kathy Hilton, Elizabeth Taylor, Amanda Brooks) from Dame Elizabeth Taylor promoting her House Of Taylor Jewelry Inc. after the jump.

Photos: Getty Images

By Lisa Timmons

  1. She is looking really old in that picture… wow. She has seen her better days.

  2. Alexis

    I love La Liz, and I think she looks fantabulous. True, her skin has been badly damaged, but it’s the result of afternoons spent yachting under the Mediterranean sun with Richard Burton by her side, reciting Dylan Thomas and Shakespeare. Fair price to pay, I say!

  3. Applespice

    She is looking older in that picture but at least she’s living life to the fullest!!

  4. anti

    even in a wheelchair ms. taylor has class.

  5. anti

    even in a wheelchair ms. taylor has class.

  6. anti

    even in a wheelchair ms. taylor has class.

  7. cbenji

    in the second pic where Liz is looking up at the guy she looks fierce. her lipstick color is blinding as shit though.

  8. Deborah

    I love me some La Liz, but the old dear is no longer in her heyday…muchless anywhere in its vicinity. Someone needs to take away her 1980′s makeup bag. Seriously. This is one beautiful icon who should be showing the world how fabulous aging can be, instead of recreating a dated and harsh look.

  9. mirabel

    i love elizabeth, no matter how she looks.yes she’s old this time but she has a wonderful life in her whole life.she’s grace,and forever the most beautiful woman in this world.I love you,Elizabeth, forever.

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