Elisabeth Moss Confronts Her Facebook Imposter

Mad Men actress Elisabeth Moss wants you to stop posting on her Facebook page…because it isn’t her! The page is run by an imposter who uses the platform to promote rain forest causes.

“I don’t have anything against the person doing it,” Moss said, pictured at the premiere of her latest film Get Him To The Greek. “I guess
it’s a fan… except that I think people write and they think that
they’re writing to me and then I don’t write back, and then I feel bad
because then they think I’m rude.”

Sounds just as diplomatic and proper as her TV persona Peggy, right? 

As for her imposter’s environmental motives, Moss remained neutral. “I think
saving the rainforests is a great idea. I’m not against it… It’s not
personally my cause, but I’m glad that people think I’m so