Elizabeth Banks Talks Twitter And Looking Like Chelsea Handler

Film and TV actress Elizabeth Banks, who went a little over the top (and bottom) at the Poetry Cannes premiere yesterday (May 19), does kind of look like Chelsea Handler.

Banks made a joke about Chris Rock referring to her as Chelsea on her Twitter and they actually ended up using the joke on an episode of 30 Rock. In an episode Avery (Banks) posed on a red carpet for photographers at an event and one shouts “Chelsea! Chelsea Handler, over here!”

 “I’ll tell you what–I get called Chelsea I get confused with Chelsea Handler often enough that we felt like it was a funny joke to put in the show,” Banks laughed, telling the story to starpulse.com.

Although she doesn’t have time to respond to all the Tweets she gets from people Banks enjoys the direct connection to her fans. “I actually read most of the Tweets [people send me], but you know, I’m a busy person, and I don’t have the time to respond to everybody.”

She also manages to explain the phenomenon of Celebs and Twitter. “The great thing about Twitter is that there’s no expectation to respond, whereas if you’re on Facebook, it’s like ‘why don’t you friend me, you bitch!?”

 She may not actually be Chelsea, but I like her just as much. She seems fun.