Eliza Dushku & Rick Fox Living Together

Things are heating up between Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox: the couple recently revealed they moved in together, and life has been bliss ever since. And I’m sure it is, other than for the fact that I’m not quite sure if Eliza can kiss Rick without some serious platforms…

“I’m loving it,” Dushku told PEOPLE at the 9th Annual InStyle Summer Soiree in Hollywood on Aug. 12. “It works.”

The couple has oft been photographed looking happy whether it’s for work or for play, so that seems like no surprise. he only thing that required adjustment was Rick’s wardrobe!

“I look the way I look because our relationship is strong enough that I
can put on a bunch of bad clothes and she can re-dress me,” Rick said. Eliza isn’t done yet though!

“We’re in the middle of moving the clothes,” she said. “The
clothes were at one place and he kind of had to pick from the surviving
things that he didn’t bring to the house.”