Elisabeth Hasselbeck Keeping the Fake Friendship Alive

For those of you who missed it yesterday, shit got mad AWKWARD on “The View” when Rosie and Elisabeth got in to a heated political discussion, that devolved into what sounded a hell of a lot more personal than a simple difference of opinion on politics. In an obvious, albeit well-worded attempt to make it sound like this little spat ain’t a thing, Elisabeth talked to Extra after yesterday’s taping and said the following, which can be viewed on video here:

“For two women who disagree on many things – socially, politically – we also have a lot of passion. I’d rather be dealing with someone with passion for this world that we live in than someone with apathy.”

I have to say that I admire her commitment to the ruse of this relationship. The two of them could be riddled with bullets from a gunfight, both lying in the street, bleeding to death and with her final breath, Elisabeth would say, “We’re agreeing to *cough* disagree.”