Elisabeth Hasselbeck Finally Comes Clean

The strain of having to pretend that everything was hunky-dory between herself and Rosie O’Donnell has finally driven Elisabeth Hasselbeck to admit that maybe…um, yeah, that they’re not exactly BFF like we all thought. Seriously, guys. I hope that you braced yourself when I delivered that last shocker. Elisabeth dished to “Access Hollywood” that she had initially thought their friendship would be capable of surviving the squabbles fueled by their vastly differing political points of view. However, after seeing a video posted on Rosie’s blog, in which the former co-host says that a friendship with Elisabeth simply wasn’t a possibility, Hasselbeck’s now singing a different tune. A friendless tune. It’s a sad one. A single bird warbles it mournfully in the distance. I’ll stop now.

“I did define us as friends, but I’m not going to make the leap to assume that we will or will not be friends in the future,” Hasselbeck says.

“We had so many conversations and a true friendship,” says Hasselbeck, the more conservative of the pair. “If you looked at the big picture, I always looked at us on the same team, even though our politics were so different.”

Let’s bring sexy Star Jones back. Why? Why not? I never watched it before and I’m sure not starting now. For all I care, they could have a can of soup co-hosting.