Elisabeth Moss Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous In BELLO Mag, Talks The End Of ‘Mad Men’

Elisabeth For New York Magazine
The 'Mad Men' star got sexy and candid
There’s always been a very special place in my heart for Elisabeth Moss.

Maybe it’s cause she’s awesome on Mad Men, maybe it’s cause she’s not afraid to take risks with her roles, or maybe it’s because she seems like one of the few genuinely awesome people in Hollywood. Maybe it’s mix of all of that.

Elisabeth’s charm is on full display this month in the April issue of BELLo Mag. Not only does she look stunning–those cat eyes–but she’s game to talk about anything. 

Like how even with all her success, she does get excited by the small stuff. Like when she lost this year’s SAG Award to Helen Mirren, who then proceeded to say her name. “I have to say that if you’d given me the choice, I would have had a hard time choosing between the award, or that moment. I couldn’t believe it when she said my name! And then she applauded, and it equaled the Golden Globe shock for me!”

But how does Elisabeth feel now that the biggest chapter in the her life–Mad Men–is finally coming to an end? “That last moment that I play [Peggy] and that last take, when they yell ‘cut’ and check the gate: that’s the moment that’s gonna be kind of freaky. But I think when it really comes down to it, when it ends, it’s going to be very much not real to me — it’s going to feel like, ‘Oh, we’ll be back in six months.’ “

Sadly, she won’t be. But if her life attitude is any indication, she’ll be just fine. “I’ve been around for a while,” she told BELLO. “I’ve had disappointments, I’ve had those moments where you really wanted to get something and you didn’t, or when you thought you could do it, but no one else did, so it’s nice to finally be like ‘Ok, maybe I don’t suck.’ “

Launch the gallery to check out her photoshoot and make sure you head to BELLO Mag to get your copy of this month’s magazine for even more Elisabeth. I really do like this girl.