Elin Nordegren Still Ringless, But The Kids Are Fine

Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren, still ringless, was spotted in the Orlando area today the couple’s two children 10-month-old Charlie and Sam 2. She went out for lunch with the kids and a pair of adults.

She told OK! that the kids “are doing just fine.”

And that’s exactly how witnesses at Ayothaya Thai Cuisine described the pair of youngsters. “They looked happy and healthy,” one onlooker tells OK!. “It seemed like they had no idea there was any sort of problem.”

However, another onlooker gave another story. “She looks bone-thin,” another witness told OK!. “And her conversation with the other adults was very intense, especially in comparison to smiling little Sam and Charlie.”

So which onlooker do we believe? Does it really matter?