Elin Nordegren Not Too Excited About Attending The Masters

March 29th, 2010 // 1 Comment

While Tiger Woods has announced he will be at the Masters in Augusta, Ga., on April 8, Elin Nordegren must decide whether to stand by her wayward man. While her attendance would be a big boost for Tiger’s camp and image, Nordegren may be making her own plans.

“Elin does not want to go to the Masters and is preparing for a trip to
see her family and friends in Sweden,” a source told PEOPLE. “She is
also being asked by Tiger to attend the Masters, even if for a half
day, to look like she is interested in supporting his return to golf.
But she would rather not be there.”

While the pair were spotted together only days ago, is Elin, snapped leaving the Millenia Mall in Orlando after
eating lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, willing to go the extra mile (literally) to help save her husband’s image?

By Lola Robertson

  1. anon

    As a true golf fan I like most (golf) fans are on TMI when it comes to his private life. It wouldnt surprise me if he and his team are asking her to do this to present a certain image. But doesnt this contradict what he’s trying to sell and wants the public to believe: an image of intergrity and honesty?? I think it will be just more of the same from his camp…sad and insulting to his fans really. Why not try walking the walk and actually being honest about his life and deal with it including his marriage. Stop trying to force your wife and others to continue the pretense.

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