Tiger Woods Was ‘In Desperateville’ When He Handed Over $100 Million To Elin Nordegren


Elin Nordegren just made a pretty penny off her cheating ex Tiger Woods, but while early reports had called her $100 million settlement kind of low (I know!) Hollywood lawyers are saying she practically got away with grand robbery.

Celebrity lawyer Raoul Felder said that Woods had to have been in “Desperateville” to make that kind of deal when finalizing their divorce

“He was desperate,” Felder said. “This is the only thing left. He is paying for confidentiality. That’s something you
can never get at any price. It never works.”

Felder speculates that Woods even juiced up the pre-nup deal to keep Nordegren quiet.

had to stop this hemorrhaging that he was having,” he said. “So he killed the
pre-nup and made it much more rich. But it didn’t help.”

And someone else other than Elin (pictured with her children in Orlando yesterday) got very rich too, Felder added: “It was the best thing for lawyers since the Magna Carta.” Elin had, count ‘em, eight!