Elin Nordegren Gives First And Only Interview After Divorce

They say behind every successful man is a successful woman. And by successful, I mean $100 million in the bizzzank bitches!

Despite Tiger Wood’s skanky mistresses’ whoreing around with the media, Elin Nordegren has kept her pretty little mouth quiet during this whole divorce ordeal and finally is settling back into normal life, like today where she visited her son’s preschool in Orlando, Florida to meet his new teachers.

And unless you’ve been stuck in traffic all day without access to Twitter, you might have read that Elin finally gave her first and only interview to People magazine explaining her recovery process.

“I have been through the stages of disbelief and shock, to anger and ultimately grief over the loss of the family I so badly wanted for my children,” she said.

The issue will be released on Friday and Elin reveals that this is the first and only interview she plans to give to the media. Her focus is to remain as private as possible.

With $100 million in her bank account, I’m sure that can buy plenty of anonymity on a resort island somewhere, darlin.