Elin Nordegren Crashes At Brett Favre’s Pad

Ok, nothing is going on but some sleeping, as Elin Nordegren has reportedly been crashing at Brett Favre’s place near Tiger Woods sex-therapy rehab clinic when she visits.  The Vikings quarterback might be doing his own hiding after his intercepted toss led to an overtime and the New Orleans Saints ticket to the Super Bowl.

Though it’s unconfirmed where the scorned Swede rests her head, the locals have noticed her around the area.  “She definitely stands out,” a Hattiesburg shopkeeper tells Us magazine. “She was beautiful. She was walking around alone and trying to keep to herself.” The magazine also reports that Tiger is having difficulty not being able to play golf, more so than the celibacy contract. “He’s used to this robot mode of hitting a ball over and over as a way to escape,” says a source. “He cant’ do that now.”

I feel like Tiger is one of those guys that would still get incredibly pissed that she’s crashing at another guys house, even when he clearly doesn’t have the right to be.

Elin continues to be out and about with their adorable kids stuck in the middle of all this, as she leaves the Milenia Mall in Orlando, Fl today.