Elin Nordegren Can Still Enjoy Tennis At Least

While she has spent some time with her husband, Elin Nordegren is not interested in hanging out on the golf course during Tiger Woods return to golf. Her stomach isn’t turning at the sight of tennis though.

Nordegren brought little Charlie to watch Andy Roddick vs. Rafael Nadal today at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami. TMZ reports that she’s sitting in a reserved area which is away from the general admission seats. I would a little tentative to bring Charlie to any sporting events lest he desire to grow up to be daddy. It’s nice to see her out still doing her own thing and enjoying what she’s interested in.

Personally I think she should take Sandra Bullock out and they should check out some baseball….

There are some rumors swirling that’s she’s pregnant but I’m not sure if you would call that a baby-bump or that’s just what happens when you put a thin tee over your jeans.