Elijah Wood Premieres New Best Friend, ‘Wilfred’

Actor Elijah Wood is spending a lot of time with an Australian man dressed in a dog suit.

No, Wood hasn’t lost his mind, but his character on the new FX comedy, Wilfred, very well might have.

In the show, the former Lord of the Rings star plays a suicidal character who winds up spending a lot of his time with his neighbor’s dog. However, while everyone else sees an actual canine, Wood’s character sees a man dressed in costume.

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The cast of Wilfred attended a premiere party yesterday in Los Angeles where Wood told The Hollywood Reporter about his new role. “It’s extremely funny but it’s also coming out of a very real place,” Wood said. “Wilfred comes to him in this moment of crisis; it’s not just random. It’s potentially a manifestation of the part of his psyche that is pushing him to live and do so outside of his comfort zone.”

Wood also told The Hollywood Reporter that Wilfred “made me laugh and also presented the opportunity to do comedy, which I’d never really done before. You’re always looking for a challenge and something different and new, so it was just an avenue that I’d never traveled down. I think I was just excited to see what would become of that.”

Wilfred, which is based on the 2002 short film and Australian series, was adapted by David Zuckerman of Family Guy, and also features Jason Gann of the original series. The show will premiere on Thursday at 9 p.m. CT on FX.

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