Either Jesse James Or Stepmother Janina James Cohen Is Lying

Someone is lying in this huge Jesse James abuse scandal! After Jesse claimed his sex addiction stemmed from childhood abuse by his dad, his stepmom Janina James said it was Jesse who was the real terror, who tortured animals, used the n-word and loved Hitler.

“When Jesse was about 14 or 15 years old he started killing baby rats
by injecting them with alcohol,” she said. “He told me it’s what Dr.
Mengele would do.” Yes, that is the concentration camp ‘Angel of Death’….horrible

“Jesse found it fascinating that Hitler could seduce a whole country,” Janina said.
“Then he became obsessed with Hitler’s personality and the SS and he
was fascinated with the Nazis. He definitely has an attraction with the
power race thing.”

She further went on to explain how Jesse, pictured with his daughters today, is a huge racist. Which would explain this.

All I can say is that one of these people is definitely disgusting. If it’s true, I can’t believe Sandra Bullock didn’t see what monster he was. If it isn’t, what disgusting rumors to put out.

Photo Agency – Fame Pictures – Little Sunny James
does the limbo under the garage door on May 28, 2010 in Huntington
Beach, California followed by her big sister Chandler James and father
Jesse James. Jesse loaded his daughters into the massive Ford truck
where they then made their way to the home of his ex-wife Karla James,
the mother of Chandler and Jesse James Jr., while we believe Jesse was
off to the office with his trusty iPad in hand again.