Effie Shows Up On The “Sex And The City” Set

September 26th, 2007 // 6 Comments

And she’s the only one looking halfway attractive. Check out the fly-ass boots! As you might have read, Jennifer Hudson is playing Carrie’s assistant this go-round. I hope that she doesn’t distract from the main action. I’m happy Jennifer Hudson got over herself and is doing a movie where there’s sure to be some nudity. Previously, she was turning down flicks that had nude scenes that didn’t even involve her because of wanting to be a role model. She probably got a nice offer and eased up a bit. And while we’re looking at these pics, even Sarah Jessica Parker‘s child is terrified by her bedraggled appearance. Is she playing Carrie’s twin sister as well? Who emerged from a creek to steal children?


More photos of Jennifer Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker from the set of “Sex and the City” are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. iren33

    I like the boots!wow!!!

  2. anti

    why is jessica parker wearing those ugly, clumbsy shoes, ugh ugly.

  3. Jen

    Those boots are fierce! Loves it.

  4. Aeol

    I live in NYC, and if I saw someone in those boots I would point and laugh. Patricia Field has gone off the deep end. However this has been the first photo of SJP not looking like a crack addict rummaging through Nancy Reagan’s closet.

  5. Ana

    where do you get Jennifer Hudson’s boots from these pictures????

    they are hot to def!

  6. loe loves

    whoa! Jen looks like another person on sets! it’s eerie.

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