Edward Norton Embarrassed To Be Seen With Jeremy Renner [PHOTOS]

Edward Norton
A shirtless Edward Norton enjoys some downtime with his girlfriend.
Or maybe he was just hiding from the paparazzi.

Actors Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton (or some random person – I was just going by what the paparazzi agency captioned the photos as) made their way to and from the set of Bourne Legacy at the Navotas Fish Port in Manila, Philippines today. A shy Edward tried to keep his cover with a face mask.

Renner was back at work just a few weeks after being involved in an ax brawl in Thailand. Jeremy was unharmed, but his friend was slashed during the fight with six bar employees.

Co-star Norton, who was not involved in the brawl, is set to receive the Signature Theatre’s Playwrights’ Award at the Signature Center Opening Gala Celebration, to take place at the company’s new Frank Gehry-designed Signature Center on Monday, January 30.

The award was created to recognize individuals and organizations who, through their vision and leadership, have placed their own signatures upon American theatre.