Edward Furlong Is Spiraling Downhill, Looks Homeless In Court

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Is it just me, or are you also getting frustrated with celebrities these days?

I mean, their lives may look glamourous, but it seems like one after another they are getting busted for drugs, appearing in court, shaving their head or going on angry Twitter rants.

This was the case for actor, Edward Furlong. The Terminator 2 star pleaded no contest to domestic violence in Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday.

Okay, Edward totally looks like a major creep in his court pics. He definitely could of spent a few extra minutes looking a littleless homeless for his appearance.

The 35-year-old actor was arrested back in May for attacking his ex-girlfriend when she had a protective order against him.

TMZ reported that Furlong was hit with 7 charges for the incident — including domestic violence, vandalism (for destroying her laptop) and dissuading a witness by force.

Edward was sentenced with five years on probation, a year of domestic abuse counseling and a 90 day drug treatment program.

I feel like these days its almost a rite of passage for stars to go overboard. Its getting old and annoying. Get it together, Furlong.