Eddie Vedder Is Still Doing Stuff

I completely forgot that Eddie Vedder was around, after I got over my middle-school crush on him at the height of his Pearl Jam days. Nowadays, he looks more like somebody’s grizzly dad, than a crush-worthy grunge-god. Well, he’s still fairly cute, and I’m guessing that’s his daughter and she’s adorable. These days, Eddie’s been lending his musical talents, working on writing and recording solo tracks for the soundtracks of two upcoming films. Vedder was at the Toronto International Film Festival and is currently working on music for “Into the Wild” a film based on a true story, and a documentary, “Body of War.” When he chatted with EW, he mentioned that the Phil Donahue actually got him to watch the documentary and become involved in the project.

“Phil and I were part of Ralph Nader’s support group in 2000. And then I just bumped into him and he said, ‘I need you to watch this film.’ After that it was real easy.”

That is awesome that Phil Donahue is still out and about, getting people riled up over stuff. I wonder if Geraldo Rivera ever just reminisces about the good old days and politely asks someone to throw a chair at his face…