Eddie Murphy’s Girlfriend Shows off Her Boyfriend and Ring at the “Who’s Your Caddy?” Premiere

July 25th, 2007 // 5 Comments

In support of his film producer girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, Eddie Murphy showed up at the “Who’s Your Caddy?” premiere at the Arclight in Hollywood on Monday night. Murphy and Edmonds started their relationship last fall and appear to have weathered the messy paternity suit in which Eddie became embroiled with ex-girlfriend, Spice Girl Melanie Brown. Edmonds showed up at the premiere wearing a diamond ring on her left ring finger, which she’s been seen sporting since this past May and described it as “a really sweet, wonderful, beautiful gift” given to her by boyfriend, Eddie.

“No, this isn’t an engagement ring,” Murphy, 46, clarified. “If I were gonna do an engagement ring, it would be much bigger.”

I have a feeling it’s more like an “I’m-sorry-for-the-baby-mama-drama” token of his love and affection. And also for her having to endure his “Who’s Your Daddy?” experience of his own.


More photos from the ‘Who’s Your Caddy!’ Premiere held at the Arclight Cineramadome after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. ramblinrose

    Eddie Murphy is such a tool. So full of his douche bag self. Pouting when he didn’t win the Oscar for Dreamgirls. What a tool.

  2. Lisa

    Wow!!! All you can see is the whites of his eyes in that photo!!!

  3. NOOO

    Don’t do it Tracey!

    Tracey is a beautiful, intelligent woman. Eddie Murphy is confused. He doesn’t know what he wants. He should’ve stayed with his lovely wife toraise his kids instead, but if he is on the Downlow, he should leave the females alone.


    Tracy Edmonds is obviously blind because she the makeup on her face is two shades two light and the man on her arm is a tranny chaser/classless lowlife for publicly announcing that he might not be the father of Melanie’s baby. Beware Tracey he will treat you just the way he’s treated very other woman in his life

  5. StraNGeLaD

    Whoah, is she one of Eddie’s Transvestite hooker friends?

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