Eddie Murphy And Johnny Gill Together Again

November 16th, 2005 // 7 Comments

For those of you who questioned the authenticity of the previous photos, here’s another one.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Candigirl

    I think this is a shame why do all the brothas have to do this the lord did not put us on earth to do this he put us on earth to serve him and live life right i dont kno what is going on today and i dont think that actors or singers should inspire other peaple to think that this is okay when it is not i just dont like it and i dont think that they should go out in public and be like they are

  2. lamont

    I Agree With You. God Created Us To Live For Him And To Worship Him. All People Can Do Know Is To Pray That God Sends A Word To Them To Help Them Get Their In Gods Hands.

  3. Harmonyfife

    I am sure there is some true to eddie being gay, but I am not so sure about Mr. Gill.

    Why is everyone acting like they are not allowed to be friends, Just becasue they are seen together. Maybe Gill is there for a support to Eddie>>>while he is going through his court issues…as a friend

  4. saint james

    What are all the dedicated bible quoting Christians doing on the gossip website? HUH?

    Check yourselves! Don’t be hypocrites.

  5. michelle

    oh please do something better with your life instead of lying and gossiping about inocent folks. I could never picture johnny or eddie being gay. yall need to stop the bullshit and get on real shit like minding your buisness,leave the brothers alone stop hating and get a life and you won’t have time to medle in others.

  6. Greg

    Leave that man alone and let him live his life, celebrities go through so much already. They are grown and are entitled to do whatever makes them happy.

  7. Denisha Wahington

    I need you to stop with all of this lying because that can hurt innocent people and it messes with there reputation. Like Michelle said, mind your own business and stay out of other’s. When you look at yourself in a mirror I want you to ask yourself this, Would I want a rumor about me and someone else being gay or lesbian? If your answer is no, then stop.

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