Eddie Murphy Starts Off 2008 with a White Wedding

Look at Eddie Murphy, with that knowing glint in his eye. He looks like a man who has a secret. I’m going to hazard a guess that it is that he’s decided to give marriage another chance, having had tied the knot on New Year’s Day with his fiancee, Tracey Edmonds. The small ceremony took place in French Polynesia on a secluded island off Bora Bora just before sunset. His bride walked down the aisle to the sound of Gladys Knight’s recording of “Makings of You” wearing a custom designer gown, which all sounds very lovely. I haven’t seen pictures, but apparently, Eddie also wore white–well, a “cream suit and vest with an off-white handkerchief,” according to People magazine. Hmm, I’d need to see what that actually looked like before jumping to a judgment call, but if I were the bride, I’d feel a little upstaged. Regardless, congrats go out to the new couple because the new year’s got me feeling optimistic about celebrity relationships!

Photos: WENN

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