Baby Murphy Spice

June 13th, 2007 // 7 Comments

From now on, I will officially be referring to Mel B’s daughter, Iris-Angel Murphy Brown (Yes, Murphy Brown. And I am totally LOVING the early 90′s single mom reference, which I’m sure was done completely on purpose…) as Baby Murphy Spice because it’s such a deliciously ridiculous moniker. In an effort to solidify her claim that Eddie Murphy is the father of her newborn daughter, Melanie Brown has put “Murphy” on her daughter’s birth certificate. Interestingly enough, the former Spice Girl however, did not actually list Eddie Murphy as the father on the document. As for Eddie, he still denies any claims of paternity, stating that a blood test is required for him to believe that he’s the baby-daddy.

And here I am, reporting from the future, that in a strange twist of fate, Anna Nicole Smith somehow fathered this child. God works in mysterious ways, my little lambs. Mysterious ways. Oh, don’t be confused…I don’t mean the REAL God. I’m talking about the whacked out one that Paris Hilton recently discovered. Bizarro God.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Kate

    Before you steal stories from other websites, please make sure you have the most up to date info by reading all of them. All of them!!

  2. AmandaNY

    She probably didn’t list Eddie as the father because , at least in NY, you cannot just put someone on a birth certificate unless you are married to them or if they sign something stating that they agree that they are the father.

  3. An

    Hey Lisa, didn’t you guys already report this when the baby was born? My only question is why the paternity test hasn’t happened yet. Allegedly, Mel B already pricked her kid’s finger, so why hasn’t she drawn Murphy’s?

  4. Jinxy McDeath

    This post was worth reposting to see the words Bizarro God. That made me laugh so hard!

  5. nana

    i ADORE your website, i can’t stop laughing at your snark. i have to hand you and all your collaborators (especially j. harvey – bizarro god knows i love him :p) a round of applause! you rock!

    p.s.: i know there’s a lot of criticism of this site, i know every cynic out there pics on ANYTHING just to, you know, look smart or educated. but i bet you get your fuel from all that! bless you for that ♥

  6. An

    *sigh* Nana . . . we do ‘pic’ on everything, it makes up for our lack of a high school education :)

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