Eddie Redmayne Talks ‘Les Miserables’ With Awards Daily [PHOTOS]

Anne Hathaway
Accessorizes her broken arm in style.
This Christmas, one of the most populated places, outside of our own homes, will be the movie theaters around the country to see Les Miserables. With an all-star cast, a fiercely loyal fan base, and raving review as of now, the film will surely be the hit of the season.

The director of the film, Tom Hooper, seemed to cast a perfect bunch to play the iconic characters, mixing big name stars with the chops to take on the role, and newcomers that are up to their ears in promise and talent. One of the newcomers who is sure to blow up, come Christmas, is the classically-trained Eddie Redmayne who plays the young soldier character, Marius.

The 30 year old actor got a taste of the spotlight when he starred in the awards-magnet movie, My Week With Marilyn, last year. But as soon as the world sees Redmayne onscreen as the innocent and endearing Marius, a spotlight will be following him around non-stop. Awards Daily caught up with the actor to get the details on how he got the role of a lifetime, and how it’s going to affect his bright future.

With hundreds of theater and film actors dying to snag a part in the anticipated movie-musical, you’d think it would be  the biggest game of “whoever has the most famous name and/or agent wins.” But regardless of the famousness of some of the leads, like Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter, each of the cast members had months of rigorous auditions, showing that the movie is focusing on the talent rather than the monetary draw of it’s cast. “And then it was quite a rigorous process of auditioning with Tom and Nina Gold the casting director and then this American Idol sort of X-Factor-style audition thing with Tom and Nina, and behind the table were Cameron Mackintosh, the Working Title producers, the composer Claude-Michel Schönberg and lyricist Alain Boublil, you know, so it was a really intimidating room,” Redmayne said about the process of auditioning.

With such a long time to get from the audition rooms to the set, the actors must have cherished every moment of the expansive training and shooting of the film in England and France. Once cast, Redmayne explained the equally extensive training period that he and all the other actors went through before filming even started ” We had I think maybe 8 weeks which is a long time for film. It involved having the script which Bill Nicholson had written, but then rigorously going through Victor Hugo’s book and finding additional elements…”

This incredibly intimate feat that the cast went through, bonded them all together, despite the oppositions of many of their characters. “…this film felt like, for everyone involved, a film on a big scale but with the intimacy of it being a passion project. When we arrived on set, we all felt like we’d been put through the mill to get there and I think that bound us together.”

After working among the endless talent of the rest of the cast and crew of Les Miserables, pending the positive reviews from critics, Redmayne will easily gain all access power when it comes to jobs in musical theater and film. From what audiences have already seen, the actor fits right into the setting of musical theater, even though he’s had very little training. So will there be more of it in his future? The actor is on the fence about it, saying “I’d definitely never say never. I did enjoy the experience hugely, but I’ve not lived that life of a musical theater performer. I think it’s probably incredibly rigorous and I’m not sure that I’m capable of it, but I did enjoy this experience a lot!”

Judging by how he sounds (and looks) on screen in Les Mis, I think audiences will be happy to watch him try.

Check out the gallery to see Eddie Redmayne looking dapper as he begins doing press for Les Miserables in NYC. And don’t forget to watch Les Miserablesin theaters the Christmas.