Eddie Redmayne Can Pull Off Rose Colored Pants [PHOTOS]

Actor Eddie Redmayne was spotted yesterday (January 07, 2013), casually dressed in a pea coat, rose colored pants and Converse shoes, arriving at JFK International Airport in New York. Love the colored pants – they fit his personality so well.

The actor who is currently starring in Les Miserables, recently spoke with She Knows about landing the plum role of Marius.

Were you a fan of the musical before this film?
I saw it when I was seven. I wanted to be Gavroche when I was a kid, the idea of being a part of it was beyond imagination. So when we saw the film for the first time and I saw it with Samantha [Barks, Eponine] and Amanda [Seyfried, Cosette], we are as big fans as anyone.

More from the interview below. 

Did you ever think you would play Marius?
Tom [Hooper, the director] wanted a young 17-year-old, so I started auditioning for Enjolras and did a bit of Marius. I never thought I would get Marius. Then I had to put my actor hat on and find how I am going to play this. On stage, the problem with Marius is that all these people are dying for him. He is just wandering through it, you just need something to grab onto. So we put more moments in the film to make him more complicated. He is not just a hero, he is a damaged human being.

The whole cast seems like they got so close while making the movie?
A lot of films, people come for a week here or there, and the director has to adhere to how an actor works because they are only there for a little bit. It was more like in theater, you have a big rehearsal process, so it’s more ensemble-based. We had nine weeks on this and also this idea of all of us helping with each other. It was great.