Eddie Redmayne Is Super Dreamy, Has The Luckiest Girlfriend Ever [PHOTOS]

Eddie Can Wear Rose
Eddie Redmayne can pull off rose colored pants. Amazing.
Eddie Redmayne is seriously one of the hottest British imports ever.

The Les Miserables actor was spotted looking perfect earlier this week with girlfriend Hannah Bagshawe as the duo left the Teenage Cancer Trust Party at the Groucho Club in Soho, London.

Seriously? Why isn’t Eddie single so I feel less bad lusting after him? It’s just not fair. I mean, the man can sing, he’s beautiful and have you seen him in a tuxedo?! Hello! It’s magic. So when do we get to see his beautiful face on the big screen again? 

Sadly, not for awhile. Eddie is due to start filming Jupiter Ascending pretty soon with Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis but then that doesn’t even come out till July of 2014. How are we going to fill our Eddie needs until then?! Lucky for Hannah she doesn’t have to worry about that, because she gets him all time. Some people have all the luck.

Check out all the photos of the happy couple in the gallery. I would hate Hannah more if she and Eddie didn’t look so freaking adorable together. Do you agree with the cuteness? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!