Eddie Murphy Offered A Rose By Men In Drag

Celebs in Drag
RuPaul would be proud!
Now isn’t that sweet?

We all remember Eddie Murphy’s 1997 transvestite prostitute encounter in which Murphy was driving his wife’s SUV down Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, an area known for homosexual prostitutes.

Murphy pulled over, and a transvestite hooker named Atisone Kenneth Seiuli got in. They drove off together, but didn’t get far before there was a burst of siren, and Murphy was pulled over by a Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department squad car. 

Well, today’s (September 18, 2013) encounter with two men dressed in drag who offered Eddie and his girlfriend Paige Butcher a rose, proves that Eddie has a sense of humor about things.

Check out the pics to see all the action from the incident.

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