Eddie Cibrian Gets Cast As A Slutty Lawyer In Playboy

March 21st, 2011 // 1 Comment

It’s all sorts of good news for Eddie Cibrian, who has been cast in a New NBC drama, Playboy.  According to US Magazine, Cibrian plays Chicago attorney Nick Dalton, described by Deadline as “the ultimate playboy.”

The series is set at the Playboy Club (Dalton has a set of keys to this “glamorous and exclusive club”)  circa 1963, and centers around Cibrian’s character, who is known in certain circles as a “fixer” with mafia ties.  Cibrian was spotted shooting scenes in the windy city last Friday, and onlocationvacations.com has the scoop for locals looking to get a glimpse of filming in the coming week.  Cibrian replaces Jeff Hephner, who was originally cast in the role.

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This role doesn’t sound like much of a stretch for Cibrian, who’s had a bit of a playboy past himself.  His marriage to Brandi Glanville went to sh__ after he had an affair with country singer LeAnne RimesThe two clowns are now engaged, and Rimes and Glanville have called a truce via twitter.  All is right.

By Kelly Lynch

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