Eddie Cibrian And LeAnn Rimes Embarress Themselves At An NBC Party

Eddie Cibrian brought that stick-figured leech his new wife LeAnn Rimes to NBC’s Upfront presentation in New York Monday, and the old ball-and-chain thought it’d be fun to take pictures of herself and Cibrian making out at an after party. The Playboy Club star and that hungry-looking chick made asses of themselves at Del Posto, where the party was held.

A source told Us Magazine that the newlyweds were “making out in the middle of [everything].” The source also said that Rimes was “making a compete scene and holding up her camera as they are making out so she [could] take pictures of them making out — it was unreal.”

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“We were like, ‘Who the hell is that?'” the source added. “And of course it was them. It was so beyond ridiculous.”

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That’s foul.  And yet, not surprising, given how starved for attention Cibrian and Rimes are.

A source from the Playboy set told Us that “LeAnn never left [Eddie’s] side when they shot the pilot.”  Derrrr.  How do you think he snagged her bony ass?