Ed Westwick Has Clueless Patron Thrown Out Of Restaurant

If stories like this one and Jake Gyllenhaal’s are true then dining actors need some serious ego deflation.

Ed Westwick has been accused of harassing a diner at Los Feliz in Manhattan when he believed the man was taking pictures of him. The stunned restaurant patron told the New York Daily News that he was taking pictures of his own night out when “Ed came over and was like, ‘Stop taking my picture!'” and started shouting obscenities in his face.

The anonymous man, who didn’t know who Westwick was, thought it was a joke and went over to the Gossip Girl star and asked him who he thought he was. The diner says Westwick “dissolved into a fit of rage” and asked the restaurant manager to have the snap happy diner removed, telling the staff he was a paparazzi.

Weswick’s representative says the star, who had no problems posing it a ton of fans while filming Gossip Girl on March 10, was at the restaurant that night but, not surprisingly, insists “there was no altercation.”

Yikes. I understand wanting to eat dinner in peace, but paranoia much? Actors do not own the restaurants they eat in. Glad to see that even when some photographers are actually fans that there are some gracious celebs out there.