Ed Westwick Wants You To Know He’s Single

Ed Westwick has made it loud and clear that he is NOT dating anyone (aka ex-girlfriend Jessica Szohr) while doing a promotion tour for Gossip Girl in Australia.

He said in a TV interview yesterday that he’s gotten a lot of attention from the girls down under.

“‘Ive been getting a lot of marriage requests,” he said, adding quite bluntly, “I’m not married. I’m very much single right now” Oh and in case you didn’t get it he added, “No girlfriend. No.”

Trying to stir up some jealousy with the ex? He’s been doing a lot of that lately. Flying south to avoid the breakup fallout and forget oneself in the arms of some Australian hotties? Very Gossip Girl. Seems like a good way to do it. Hey, he’s Chuck Bass.