Ed Westwick Borrows Lines And Jessica Szohr Borrows The Bottle

It’s obvious that Ed Westwick doesn’t attract the ladies with his chiseled abs or exquisite fashion sense, or even that British accent (though I’m sure it helps immensely).  Instead, he recycles–other people’s lines (duh, we’re not talking about Leonardo Dicaprio). 

While visiting a West Village smoke shop, the Gossip Girl stud picked up a new catch phrase in addition to his ciggies.  After hearing a customer say she was buying Orangina
because she was in “a very French mood,” Eddie laughed and said,
“That’s good. I’m going to use that line.”  Though, I’m guessing Ed will make a few adjustments, such as swapping out “French” for “West Hollywood” every time he’s craving bro time with Chace Crawford.

Maybe that’s why girlfriend Jessica Szohr’s been hitting the bottle lately.  The PDA-friendly lady was “wasted and extremely friendly” while attending a pal’s birthday party in Greenwich Village last week, according to a spy.  That’s it?  Where’s the part about dancing on tabletops and starting a jealous fight with her sexually confused boyfriend??   Why doesn’t this spy go digging for some real Sam&Lilo drama.

Gallery Info: Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr party in the rain and poolside.