Ed Norton Attends PUMA Presents The African Bazaar

Hermetic actor, Ed Norton, made a rare appearance at a Los Angeles event last night when he attended PUMA Presents the African Bazaar event with a handful of other celebrities. The star of Hulk recently completed the New York Marathon with 26 other runners sponsored by Puma, as well as three Maasai warriors, in order to raise funds for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

TV stars, Anoop Desai, Aziz Ansari, Jessica Stroup and Joel McHale were also in attendance at the event, looking sporty and ready to party.

Reportedly, Norton was hoping to get his Fight Club co-star Brad Pitt to attend the event, but he was unable to make it. However, Ed was able to get James Van Der Beek to attend. Dawson! Sweet!

Gallery Info: Edward Norton, Jessica Stroup, Sam Page, Lynn Collins, Zach Gilford, John Hensley, Aziz Ansari, Chris Kattan, Judy Greer, Jayson Blair, Joel McHale, Omarion, James Van Der Beek and Anoop Desai attend the African Bazaar presented by PUMA at the Historic 5410 Wilshire Building in Los Angeles.