Ed Harris Needs To Check Himself


I’m sorry, Ed, have you BEEN an Earthling since Sept. 11? Were you AWARE of a couple of tightened security procedures in airports around the world? Is this new to you? God, these actors are such dolts. Ed Harris had to go through the security checks that every other person in the free world has to and he threw a wobbly. Just because you’re a good actor doesn’t give you license to act like a dildo, Ed. He was probably pissed because they wouldn’t allow him to carry his favorite box cutter on the plane. Oh wait, it was actually a KNIFE. What?!?

Hollywood actor Ed Harris was held for hours by police at Heathrow for trying to take a knife on to a plane yesterday. The Truman Show star, 56, was said to have thrown a “hissy fit” when asked to empty his pockets at a security checkpoint. He moodily threw his wallet on the floor and was “making life as difficult as possible” for search staff.

He also threw keys and change and crap everywhere. He got his ass detained for hours and the cops were called. Only then did Old Man River realize he was acting the fool. He missed his flight, too. I missed my flight once, because of a wallet-stealing hooker. My excuse is better.