Ed Westwick Suits Up & Looks Fly On The Set Of ‘Gossip Girl’ [PHOTOS]

Ed Westwick Goes Digging!
The 'Gossip Girl' is caught in the act!
Hot damn, Ed Westwick, you are looking good. Honestly, nothing is better than a man who knows how to truly rock a suit. It also doesn’t hurt when the man is gorgeous with that slight hint of evil, like Ed’s Gossip Girl character, Chuck. Oh those Gossip Girl folk. They know how to look super fabulous all the time

You know what else is amazing about Ed Westwick? He can break up fights. Oh yeah, you read that right. Plus he’s British. And beautiful. And likes to call everyone “darling.” (I know that last bit cause he totally called me “darling” at the Kids Choice Awards.)

Launch the gallery to see all the beautiful suit photos. You know that episode of How I Met Your Mother when Barney is singing about how “nothing suits him like a suit”? That’s totally Ed right now. Ah, happiness.